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    Picture of Blocks World, 24 Pieces
    Picture of Blocks World, 38 Pieces
    Picture of Blocks World, 30 Pieces
    Picture of Ring Removal Game
    Picture of Spin Master -  Demo Duke Fix It Truck

    Spin Master - Demo Duke Fix It Truck

    Demo Duke is the truck that loves to crash! Push the throttle to rev him up and let him go. He’ll get more visibly crashed and damaged with each smash! Your child can magically transform Demo Duke back to perfect condition by pushing the repair button
    Picture of Bird S Nest Swing Ring
    Picture of Shark Sprinkler Game
    Picture of Overhead Bowling
    Picture of Shooting Game
    Picture of Hat Basketball Game
    Picture of Tricky Wet Helmet
    Picture of 1:20 2.4G R/C Car Dragon
    Picture of 1:20 2.4G R/C Car Shark
    Picture of 1:20 2.4G R/C ATV
    Picture of 2.4G 1:10  R/C Tri Motorcycle
    Picture of Fortnite Series1 2 Inch Figure Duo Pack Assorted

    Fortnite Series1 2 Inch Figure Duo Pack Assorted

    The box contains 2 figures of 5 cm, 4 accessories and 2 bases.
    Picture of Spin Master - Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Wishing Star Waterfall

    Spin Master - Hatchimals ColleGGtibles Wishing Star Waterfall

    Make a wish and slide down the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Waterfall Playset! This playset’s glittery waterfall really lights up, bringing the world of Hatchtopia to life! Pull out the pool and take your Hatchimals on a starlight dip. Or send them down the slide and time it with the lights! If they land in the pool, their wish will come true! Fly them to the twirly star nests or sit them on the spinning swings! You can even perch your Hatchimals on the cloud nests, then send them down the waterfall slide again and again! This playset comes with an adorable new exclusive Season 4 character! Your translucent Hatchimal shines bright when you place them on a light! See how they glow as they swing, twirl and slide through this magical world! Make a wish and hatch bright with the Waterfall Playset!
    Picture of Police Seires Seaplane 112 Pcs

    Police Seires Seaplane 112 Pcs

    Construction Block Toys.Banbao bricks are compatible and can be mixed with the majority of the largest brands of plastic construction bricks. The Banbao brick is as wide and long as the biggest brands. Build with a pass-free construction handle. Gift from 5 years
    Picture of Dough Circuit Piano

    Dough Circuit Piano

    Dough Piano
    Picture of 4M - SCI:BITS - BOX ROBOT


    Reuse the package box to build a robot. It's a cool science project that is green and creative. Contains 1 wrapper with detailed instructions on the back, 1 axle with gear, 5 screws, wires, 1 motor with wires, 2 terminal caps, robot plastic body and accessories, 1 motor cover. Also required but not included in this kit: a small crosshead screwdriver, 1 x AA battery. Age 3+
    $9.00 $6.00
    Picture of Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    MouseTrap Included in kit: Front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wireframe installed, rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed, adhesive foam, screws (12), set arm cap case (base and cover), set arm holder case (base and cover, short axle, string, small wheels (4), connecting rods, (2), winding arm, large wheels (4), sticker sheet.
    Picture of Octopus Claw

    Octopus Claw

    Build your own mechanical octopus gripper, utilising man-made materials to mimic the movements of an octopus.
    Picture of Thinking Kits - Math Monkey

    Thinking Kits - Math Monkey

    Do you have a maths addition question? Ask Math Monkey! Fun and instructive maths games for children’s early STEM learning. The perfect way to get kids thinking about numbers and maths! Ages 4+ 24cm x 22cm x 6cm
    Picture of Thinking Kits  -Dream Professions

    Thinking Kits -Dream Professions

    A fun to play way to explore 10 different occupations. Contains 1 plastic frame (22 x 17 cm), 10 sets of occupation puzzles and a learning booklet.
    $13.20 $9.00
    Picture of Fridge Robot

    Fridge Robot

    Fridge Robot
    Picture of 4M-Techcraft Pneumatic Arm

    4M-Techcraft Pneumatic Arm

    Assemble pneumatic arm 4M science kit for 5-7 year old kids. The toy excavator mechanism features a two-piece movable bucket that can be controlled with two syringes. Assemble a science toy according to the instructions with diagrams and learn about pneumatics (a branch of physics), pneumatic mechanisms and devices based on them. The body of the model is made from a set box.
    Picture of 4M-Snail Robot

    4M-Snail Robot

    A fascinating way to learn about mechanical science! Build your very own pet snail from scratch and watch it glide over any surface. Watch for the life-like movement. There are two different stride lengths. For ages 8 years +.
    Picture of STEAM  Stitch A Circuit