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    Picture of Crazy Sensation Mix Match Bucket

    Crazy Sensation Mix Match Bucket

    Mix and match your own 100% Satisfying sensations with this collection of 4 different compounds plus a storage case! This combo sets includes all your favorites.
    Picture of Doctor Slime Pet Vet Kit
    Picture of Gloopers Dragon Slime Splitter

    Gloopers Dragon Slime Splitter

    Get Gooey with the Gloopers Dragon! Unleash slimy fun with the monstrous Gloopers Dragon! Fill his mouth with icky slime (included!), then press his back and watch him spit it out in a gooey geyser! How far can you make him launch the slime? Challenge your friends and see who reigns supreme in the slime-slinging showdown!
    Picture of Gloopers Potion Kit (Assorted)

    Gloopers Potion Kit (Assorted)

    Collect these 4 exclusive monster figures, each with a secret power: engulfing slime and spitting it out in a gooey geyser! Fill their hungry maws with the included 3 jars of slime (30g each), then tap their backs and watch the slime erupt! Challenge your friends to see whose monster spits the farthest. But wait, there's more! The included empty vial lets you create your own custom slime concoctions. Experiment with colors, textures, and even add glitter for extra slimy fun! Collect all 4 monsters and unleash the slime fury!
    Picture of Gloopers Single Character (Assorted)

    Gloopers Single Character (Assorted)

    Gloopers: Slime Slinging, Potion Brewing Fun! Collect the coolest Gloopers characters and get ready for slimy, spittin' action! Fill each figure with the included slime, then tap their backs to unleash a gooey geyser! Challenge your friends to see who spits farthest. But the fun doesn't stop there! Combine your slimy treasures with the included vial to brew magical slime potions! Experiment with different characters, colors, and textures to create unique concoctions. With each Gloopers character, the slime-tastic possibilities are endless! Collect them all and let the slimy adventures begin!
    Picture of Orbeez Mixin' Slime Set

    Orbeez Mixin' Slime Set

    Never-Before-Seen Sensory Fun! Mix Squishy Slime With 2,800+ Micro, Shimmer, Marble & Glow-In-Dark Orbeez! 5 Tools Let You Crush, Inject, Mix & Create Endless Slime Combos. Play & Store In The Included Container! Ages 5+.
    Picture of Orbeez One And Only Micro Mix

    Orbeez One And Only Micro Mix

    Remember The Delightful Squish Of Original Orbeez Water Beads? Now, Get Ready For An Even Tinier Sensation With Micro Orbeez! These Mini Marvels Are Half The Size, Offering A Whole New Dimension Of Touch And Play.
    Picture of Ravensburger Slimy Joe Game

    Ravensburger Slimy Joe Game

    Dive into a jungle adventure with Slimy Joe! This action-packed game challenges you to rescue butterflies from a slimy, hungry plant. Gather friends and family, summon your courage, and see who can save the most butterflies before Slimy Joe snaps shut! Fun for 2-4 players and ready in just 10 minutes. So grab some slime and get ready for a thrilling rescue mission!
    Picture of SO SLIME CASE