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    Ravensburger One Day At The Zoo Puzzle (2X24 Pieces)

    Manufacturer: Ravensburger
    Double the fun, double the confidence! These 2 easy-to-build 24-piece puzzles come with themes and mini-posters to guide little puzzlers. Building these vibrant scenes boosts attention, patience, and self-esteem with every satisfying snap!
    SKU: RV07813-4
    GTIN: 4005556078134
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    Double the Fun, Double the Learning: A Day at the Zoo by Ravensburger! Looking for a delightful puzzle experience for your little animal enthusiast? Look no further than A Day at the Zoo by Ravensburger! This fantastic set features two separate 24-piece puzzles, each showcasing different exciting zoo themes.

    Perfect for young puzzlers, the easy-to-navigate pieces and included mini-posters make assembly a breeze, boosting their confidence and self-esteem with every successful click.

    But more than just fun, A Day at the Zoo encourages valuable skills: Patience and focus: Sorting and connecting pieces fosters concentration and perseverance. Fine motor skills: Manipulating the pieces strengthens hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

    Problem-solving: Finding the right placement for each piece encourages logical thinking.

    Plus, with two unique puzzles, the fun doubles! Explore a vibrant jungle scene in one and a bustling savannah in the other, sparking their imagination and love for the animal kingdom.

    Give your child the gift of playful learning and joyful discovery with A Day at the Zoo by Ravensburger!