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    Picture of 24Pc Tower Puzzle
    Picture of Animals Baby Classic Puzzle (8 Pieces)

    Animals Baby Classic Puzzle (8 Pieces)

    Dive into fun and learning with this high-quality puzzle! Made in Poland with child safety in mind, this light reflecting paper puzzle strengthens memory, concentration, and motor skills all while sparking imagination and logical thinking!

    Baby Classic Transport Vehicles (8 Pieces)

    Chunky vehicles stack up learning fun! Toddlers explore shapes, names, and problem-solving while building their mini fleet with this safe, eco-friendly puzzle. Perfect for tiny hands and big imaginations!
    Picture of Baby Shark Puzzle (24 Pieces)

    Baby Shark Puzzle (24 Pieces)

    Dive into Baby Shark adventures! Make waves with this 24-piece maxi puzzle. Large, sturdy pieces (600x400mm) create a colorful scene of Baby Shark and friends. Made with high-quality, light-reflecting paper and eco-friendly materials, it's perfect for little builders and a responsible choice for the planet!
    Picture of Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle
    Picture of Boom Boom Cats and Dogs Board Game

    Boom Boom Cats and Dogs Board Game

    Meow or woof? Choose your side in BOOM BOOM! Race to collect four dog or cat cards by swapping on the board. Ring the bell for a complete set, then hunt for more - fastest collector wins! 56 cards, board, bell, and endless animal fun!
    Picture of Cappadocia Turkey (1000 Pieces)

    Cappadocia Turkey (1000 Pieces)

    Take Flight & Explore Cappadocia! Soar over Turkey's stunning landscape with this vibrant 1000-piece puzzle featuring colorful hot air balloons against the majestic backdrop of Cappadocia. Piece together history as you uncover volcanic rock formations, ancient cave dwellings, and the echoes of early Christians. Completed puzzle measures 68x48cm.
    Picture of Catching Dreams Puzzle (6000 Pieces)

    Catching Dreams Puzzle (6000 Pieces)

    Dive into a panoramic paradise! Piece together a breathtaking 1360x960mm scene of a stunning bay with this epic 6,000-piece puzzle. High-quality, light-reflecting paper ensures a smooth build, while eco-friendly materials make it a responsible choice for puzzle enthusiasts.
    Picture of Colorful Ballons Wooden Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    Colorful Ballons Wooden Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    Soar into Joy with the Colorful Balloons Wooden Puzzle (1000 Pieces)! Escape to a world of vibrant colors and uplifting spirits with this captivating 1000-piece wooden puzzle! • Dazzling Design: Dive into a captivating scene filled with colorful balloons of all shapes and sizes, guaranteed to brighten your day. • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality wood, each piece boasts unique shapes, offering a satisfying challenge for puzzle enthusiasts. • Artful Display: Once complete, transform your masterpiece into stunning wall art or a cherished gift for someone special. • Unique Shapes: Embrace the challenge and joy of assembling irregularly shaped pieces, creating a stunning image measuring 375 x 519 mm. Ready to experience the uplifting magic of this colorful puzzle? Order yours today!
    $40.00 $19.99
    Picture of Crazy Shapes Colorful Balloons (600 Pieces)

    Crazy Shapes Colorful Balloons (600 Pieces)

    Dive into chaos, discover beauty! Crazy Shapes puzzles twist and turn with no straight lines, creating a truly unique challenge. This 600-piece set transforms into vibrant balloons soaring across a 680x480mm canvas, using high-quality, light-reflecting paper for an easier, crazier puzzle experience!
    Picture of Disney 100 Years Retro Poster (1000 Pieces)

    Disney 100 Years Retro Poster (1000 Pieces)

    Challenge yourself with premium quality! Trefl Prime's 1000-piece puzzles boast unmatched thickness and Unlimited Fit Technology for seamless connections. Immerse yourself in stunning imagery and create a lasting 68.3 x 48 cm masterpiece.
    Picture of Disney Frozen II Glitter Puzzle (100 Pieces)

    Disney Frozen II Glitter Puzzle (100 Pieces)

    Sparkling fun and learning! These 48x34cm puzzles aren't just beautiful (with their delicate golden glitter!), they also help build key cognitive skills through interactive play. Perfect for solo adventures or family bonding, these puzzles offer challenging entertainment that lasts. Decorate your child's room with their sparkling masterpiece when finished!
    Picture of Domino Paw Patrol (28 Cards)

    Domino Paw Patrol (28 Cards)

    Unleash the excitement of Paw Patrol with Trefl's pawsome dominoes! Kids 3+ race to match adorable pups and colorful vehicles in this 2-4 player game, perfect for hours of playful learning and Pawsome adventures! (28 cards, 20x20x5 cm)
    Picture of Eco Brick Trick Travel Puzzle (290 Pieces)

    Eco Brick Trick Travel Puzzle (290 Pieces)

    Craft your own Parisian landmark using over 290 eco-friendly bricks and decorative elements. Follow the construction plans or unleash your imagination for a unique creation. Display your mini Arc de Triomphe and bring a touch of Parisian flair to your shelf!
    Picture of Feather Puzzle (2000 Pieces)

    Feather Puzzle (2000 Pieces)

    Challenge yourself and have a blast with this 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle! This timeless game offers a variety of stunning images to choose from, and keeps you entertained while sharpening your color recognition, logic skills, and fine motor control. Made with high-quality cardboard and easy-to-fit pieces, this puzzle is a rewarding activity for puzzlers of all ages! (Completed picture size: 97.5 x 97 cm)
    Picture of French Alley Wooden Puzzles (1000 Pieces)

    French Alley Wooden Puzzles (1000 Pieces)

    Wander Parisian Streets with this Romantic 1000-Piece Puzzle! Escape to the City of Lights with this captivating 1000-piece puzzle featuring a charming Parisian street scene. Unwind and piece together: • A picturesque Parisian street: Immerse yourself in the romance of Paris with cobblestone walkways, quaint cafes, and charming architecture. • High-quality materials: Enjoy a smooth and satisfying puzzle experience with sturdy wooden pieces. • Eco-conscious design: Feel good knowing the packaging is entirely made of recycled cardboard. • Unique challenge: Irregular pieces and 100 shaped figures of French landmarks add an extra layer of fun. • Finished size: Create a stunning artwork measuring 37.5 x 25.4 cm, perfect for framing and display.
    Picture of Frozen Glitter Magical Friendship Puzzle (70 Pieces)

    Frozen Glitter Magical Friendship Puzzle (70 Pieces)

    Frozen magic sparkles on the go! This 70-piece glitter puzzle features your favorite characters, dazzling in a shimmering case with a handle. Perfect for playtime adventures or sparkly souvenirs!
    Picture of Frozen II 3 In 1 Puzzle (106 Pieces)

    Frozen II 3 In 1 Puzzle (106 Pieces)

    Triple the Frozen fun! Build 3 enchanting puzzles (20, 36, & 50 pieces) featuring Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf & Sven, all in convenient 20x19.5cm sizes. Perfect for young Disney fans ages 3+!
    Picture of Frozen II A World Full Of Magic Puzzle (24 Pieces)

    Frozen II A World Full Of Magic Puzzle (24 Pieces)

    Frozen fun, safely built! This 24-piece "Maxi" puzzle features Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in a magical Frozen 2 scene. Its thick, safe pieces and special, glare-reducing paper make it perfect for little hands and endless puzzle adventures.
    Picture of Frozen II Memos Board Game

    Frozen II Memos Board Game

    Match & remember with Disney magic! This classic Memos game gets a Frozen 2 twist! Uncover hidden memories, test your recall, and laugh along with Elsa, Anna, Olaf & Kristoff in this enchanting memory challenge!
    Picture of Frozen Super Shape XXL Puzzle (60 Pieces)

    Frozen Super Shape XXL Puzzle (60 Pieces)

    Bond with your heroes, piece by piece! Dive into this 60-piece Trefl puzzle featuring beloved characters. As you assemble, you'll sharpen your skills, boost your focus, and experience the joy of bringing art to life!
    Picture of Guitar 2000 Pcs Puzzle
    Picture of Haifoss Waterfall Iceland Puzzle (2000 Pieces)

    Haifoss Waterfall Iceland Puzzle (2000 Pieces)

    Unplug and connect with family & friends! Trefl puzzles offer 2000 pieces of brain-boosting fun and vibrant artwork. They're perfect for game nights, and make unique eco-friendly gifts for puzzle lovers ages 10+.