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    Picture of Act & Sound Out Little Farm

    Act & Sound Out Little Farm

    Bring the farm to life for your little one with the Playgo Little Farm! This colorful set features friendly farm animals, a spinning tractor with sounds and lights, and a moving drum with colorful rings. It's a sensory delight that helps develop fine motor skills, imagination, and more! (Made of high-quality plastic, perfect for playtime at home or on-the-go.)
    Picture of Bathtub Waterway

    Bathtub Waterway

    Stick these silly suction cup creatures on the bathtub wall! Watch them spin and shower your little one with giggles as water dribbles down.
    Picture of Bounce And Roll Ball (Assorted)

    Bounce And Roll Ball (Assorted)

    This colorful Bounce N' Roll Ball is perfect for little ones 6 months and up! It rattles and jingles as it rolls, encouraging crawling and stimulating motor skills with every happy bounce. Select The Model You'd Like To Collect, Characters Subject To Store Availability.
    Picture of Caterpillar Rattle

    Caterpillar Rattle

    The Playgo rattle is a delight for curious babies! It features a colorful bear on top and three clear domes with spinning propellers and rattling balls. Shaking it creates fun sounds and spinning action, stimulating sight, hearing, and motor skills. (Ages 6 months and up)
    Picture of Chad Valley Bath Camera Toy

    Chad Valley Bath Camera Toy

    Make bath time a splash with this colorful camera toy! It includes squirting whale, elephant, frog, and seal friends to keep your little one entertained and spark their creativity.
    Picture of Chad Valley Multi Storey Car Park Garage

    Chad Valley Multi Storey Car Park Garage

    Double the parking fun! This 2-car garage playset lets kids zoom their vehicles to any floor for easy parking action.
    Picture of Chad Valley My First Cash Register

    Chad Valley My First Cash Register

    This fun pretend play calculator doubles as a learning tool! It helps toddlers grasp numbers and social interaction through imaginative play. (Age Recommendation: 2+ Years)
    Picture of Choo Choo Sensory Train

    Choo Choo Sensory Train

    Ahoy there, little conductors! All aboard the CHOO CHOO Sensory Train! This playful engine isn't just fun - it sparks your child's imagination and learning with interactive features and exciting textures.
    Picture of Cookie Moulds Dough 6 Pieces In Tube

    Cookie Moulds Dough 6 Pieces In Tube

    Little chefs, unleash your imagination! This set includes 8 tubs of colorful dough and 8 fun cookie cutters, all packed in a convenient tube for endless baking adventures. Perfect for ages 3 and up!
    Picture of Country Family Cottage (20 Pieces)

    Country Family Cottage (20 Pieces)

    Calling all little homemakers! The PlayGo Cottage Playset lets them create a world of happy pretend play with sounds, furniture, and easy-to-grab figures. It includes a house with doorbell and kitchen sounds, furniture like a bed and bathtub, and even a stroller for endless imaginative fun.
    Picture of Float & Stack Buddies

    Float & Stack Buddies

    This adorable bath toy set includes a splashing penguin, a friendly seal, a cute turtle, and a floating disc. The toys all float in the water and some even stack together, making bath time fun and imaginative for little ones.
    Picture of Fun Jet Play Set

    Fun Jet Play Set

    Take off on exciting adventures with the Play Airplane Playset! This fun set includes a plane with boarding stairs, a car with a luggage trailer, and 3 dolls. Press the buttons to hear realistic sounds and get ready for hours of imaginative flight time. (Batteries included!)
    Picture of Go Snap Camera

    Go Snap Camera

    Capture smiles and learning with the PlayGo Laugh & Learn Camera! This adorable camera plays songs and lights up to teach little ones about numbers, colors, greetings, and more. With a toggle button and volume control, it offers endless sing-along fun and helps develop fine motor skills through playful exploration. (Requires 2 AA batteries.)
    Picture of Learn And Wonder Tablet

    Learn And Wonder Tablet

    Learn and play in two languages! This bilingual tablet (English & French) teaches letters, colors, first words, and more through 3 interactive levels. With over 200 songs and sounds, it encourages language development, imagination, and hand-eye coordination. (Batteries included!)
    Picture of Magic Gear Art

    Magic Gear Art

    Unleash your inner artist and engineer with Play Go Magic Gear Art! This innovative set blends creativity and mechanics, letting you bring stunning designs to life. Combine vibrant colors with interlocking gears to watch geometric patterns spin and transform, offering a truly captivating artistic experience.
    Picture of Metal Cookware Kitchen Set (8 Pieces)

    Metal Cookware Kitchen Set (8 Pieces)

    Dinner party ready? This 8-piece metal kitchen accessory set is all you need to whip up a pretend feast! Perfect for ages 3 and up, it lets kids explore cooking and kitchen safety in a fun and imaginative way.
    Picture of My First Jazz Band

    My First Jazz Band

    Ignite your child's musical spark with Playgo's instrument set! This colorful set introduces them to different sounds and textures, all while promoting fine motor skills, coordination, and imagination. (Suitable for ages 24 months and up)
    Picture of My Multi Cooker Set (5 Pieces)

    My Multi Cooker Set (5 Pieces)

    This toy multicooker lets kids whip up pretend meals with fun lights and realistic cooking sounds! Made from durable blue and gray plastic, the set operates on 3 AAA batteries and is perfect for little chefs 2 years and older.
    Picture of Pirate Ship Adventure (9 Pieces)

    Pirate Ship Adventure (9 Pieces)

    Ahoy mateys! Set sail on the high seas of imagination with the Pirate Ship Adventure. This easy-to-use set keeps playtime going strong, sparking endless creativity and adventure. Little buccaneers will develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they steer the ship, raise the sails, and conquer pretend foes!
    Picture of Playgo 5 In 1 Surprise Activity Ball

    Playgo 5 In 1 Surprise Activity Ball

    This 5-in-1 activity toy transforms for endless fun! Little ones can explore textures, stack pieces, chase lights, and hear sounds, all while developing fine motor skills and sensory experiences. (Batteries included, suitable for ages 6 months and up.)
    Picture of Playgo 5 In 1 Tower Challenge

    Playgo 5 In 1 Tower Challenge

    The tower flips for racing fun! Kids can zoom their cars down different paths on the other side, keeping them entertained for hours. (Suitable for ages 1-5)
    Picture of Playgo Chocolate Fountain

    Playgo Chocolate Fountain

    Sweeten up playtime with the PlayGo Chocolate Fountain! This fun and easy-to-use set lets your child unleash their creativity by dipping and decorating their favorite treats in delicious flowing chocolate.
    Picture of Playgo Color Changing Snack Maker

    Playgo Color Changing Snack Maker

    Transform treats into magical creations! This 16-piece snack maker uses ice-cold water to change snack colors for fun playtime surprises. No batteries needed, just add water and your imagination!
    Picture of Playgo Coloured Tin (8 Pieces)

    Playgo Coloured Tin (8 Pieces)

    Unleash the little chef within with PlayGo's Coloured Tin 8 Pcs! This 8-piece metal cookware set lets kids have a blast pretending to cook up a storm. It includes a saucepan with lid, soup bowl with lid, pan, and other accessories, all housed in a convenient colored tin.
    Picture of Playgo Junior Mechanic Plane

    Playgo Junior Mechanic Plane

    Budding airplane engineers, take flight! This Playgo construction set lets you take apart a colorful plane with a big screwdriver, then rebuild it for endless repair and takeoff fun. Made with sturdy plastic for little hands, it's a great way to develop motor skills and problem-solving abilities.