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    Peppa Pig Big Race Board Game

    Manufacturer: Trefl
    Oinktastic race time! Join Peppa, George, and friends in a whirlwind adventure! Spin the spinner, zoom past surprises, and squeal with delight as you race to the finish line. Peppa Pig fun for little oinkers of all ages!
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    Peppa Pig's Great Race: Oink Your Way to Victory! Saddle up for an oinktastic adventure! Join Peppa Pig and her friends in "The Great Race," a fun-filled board game for little piggies ages 3 and up. Race against your pals to reach the finish line first, but watch out for surprise squares along the way! Will you zoom past with a lucky spin, or get stuck doing silly tasks? Don't forget the tricky middle bridge space is limited! Giggles and excitement guaranteed as you squeal your way to victory with Peppa!

    Here's why your little ones will love it:

    • Race with Peppa and the gang! Explore a colorful board with your favorite characters, making every playdate an adventure.

    • Surprise squares make it exciting! Spin the spinner and see what happens – will you zoom ahead or have a giggle break?

    • Challenge the bridge! Can you squeeze through the middle bridge without getting stuck? Adds a fun twist to the race.

    • Perfect for little hands and big fun! Simple rules and chunky playing pieces make this game easy for young children to learn and enjoy.

    More than just a game:

    • Nurturing imagination and social skills: Share the joy of winning and the giggles of surprises, fostering positive interactions and playful competition.

    • Quality time with your little oinkers: Bond over this family-friendly game, creating lasting memories filled with laughter and squeals of delight.

    Ready for the ultimate Peppa Pig race? Grab "The Great Race" today and let the fun begin!

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