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    Picture of Littelest Pet Shop-Pet Pairs & Fashions (Assorted)

    Littelest Pet Shop-Pet Pairs & Fashions (Assorted)

    Littlest Pet Shop is all about "being who you want to be!" Create an amazing collection of quirky, cute pets and stylish sets that reflect your unique personality. Join Blythe, a teen fashion designer who can talk to animals! Embark on exciting adventures with her adorable pet friends, both on the Littlest Pet Shop TV show and in your own imagination. Build your own world with: • Style sets and scene sets: Design adorable spaces for your pets. • Themed play packs: Explore exciting adventures like Backstage Paris! • Tons of cute, colorful pets: Collect them all and tell your own stories! Select the model you'd like to collect, Characters subject to store availability.
    Picture of My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew (Assorted)

    My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew (Assorted)

    Double the Pony Fun with Magical Crossover Playsets! Imagine a world where your favorite ponies from different cartoon universes can finally interact and become friends! These exciting playsets make that dream a reality, combining the magic of popular pony shows to create endless possibilities for storytelling and imaginative play. Each set features several pony figures, ready to embark on cross-dimensional adventures. Build bridges between their unique worlds using the included playsets, and let your creativity soar as you explore themes of friendship, collaboration, and overcoming challenges together.