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    Picture of Alex - Button Art

    Alex - Button Art

    Match and snap to complete the picture Develops hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking Convenient storage tray holds all pieces Includes 46 colorful buttons, 10 different pictures and a 2 Piece storage tray Recommended for children 18 months of age and older
    Picture of Wireless Sewing Machine


    This guided craft activity gives young artists everything they need to create a shimmering "stained glass" scene. It's easy to create, and the results are gorgeous: Just match the stickers to the number key and place them on the see-through design template. Hang the finished artwork--featuring a lion, elephant, rhino, and giraffe--in a sunny window to see the wild scene shimmer to life. Young artists will be enchanted by the glittering results and proud to show them off!
    Picture of PlayGo-My Loom

    PlayGo-My Loom

    Weave your own fabric with this loom set from Playgo. Tension the wires into the machine and pull the combs forward to weave a new row. The weaving machine is made of sturdy plastic in sweet colours. The set also contains 4 handy instruments and 3 different coloured spools of yarn.(colour may vary)
    Picture of Frozen Jewelry Weaving Set

    Frozen Jewelry Weaving Set

    Size(LxWxH): 380x280x70 mm
    Picture of Make It Real Diy Floaty Pens

    Make It Real Diy Floaty Pens

    Floating DIY Pens - Create 3 pens and enjoy watching the sparkle, charms, and icons float around pens as you type and scribble. Feel hypnotized by each unique creation. Disorder less Fun: Follow the simple instructions to create each pen and use the funnel to avoid clutter while adding materials. Safe lids prevent leaks and ensure all materials remain in the pen. FOLLOW INSPO OR PERSONALIZE: Instructions include recipes for three themed pens: Lovely Hearts, Flower Power, Glittery Party. ¡Preteens can follow or customize their creations on their own! Great Gift Idea: Make It Real development toys are great gifts for kids and teens, helping them develop skills that will enable them to succeed as the future leaders and creators of tomorrow.
    Picture of MAKE IT REAL-Crystal Sun Catcher

    MAKE IT REAL-Crystal Sun Catcher

    Guide young and preteen children to create their own trendy décor with elegant themed sun charms. Help children develop real-world skills. ALL INCLUDED. This DIY kit has everything your child needs to create a eye-catching dream catcher. Great gift idea. Perfect for over 8 years
    Picture of Make It Real Flameless Candle Zen Garden

    Make It Real Flameless Candle Zen Garden

    A relaxing candle and garden that tweens will love! Decorate and enjoy this calming candle and garden set for a creative and rewarding activity! The set includes colored sand, gorgeous crystal-shaped pieces, assorted beads, and more.
    Picture of MAKE IT REAL-Jewellery & Art Gift Station

    MAKE IT REAL-Jewellery & Art Gift Station

    Create friendship bracelets and artful cards to give as gifts and keep some for yourself! Use the markers and pipette to create the water-colour design. Smudge the ink and water against the card. While the watercolour design dries, make a friendship bracelet anchored by the station with included cord, beads and charms, Next use the gel pens to fill in the letters or create your own design with the included stencil. Once the masterpieces are complete; place the bracelet around the card and then into a gifting envelope and that thoughtful, handmade masterpiece will delight any friend. Ages 8+
    Picture of MAKE IT REAL- DIY Lux Pillow

    MAKE IT REAL- DIY Lux Pillow

    Juicy Couture DIY Lux Pillow4464 Pillow to feel like a princess. Includes:-1 pillow case.- Polyester filling.- 1 satin nylon string.- 1 Juicy Couture rub sticker.- 1 rub tool.- 2 gems stickers.
    Picture of Avenir Rocket String Art

    Avenir Rocket String Art

    Blast into creativity with the String Art Rocket kit! Weave colorful string through pre-punched holes to create two dazzling rocket designs. This fun and easy craft includes everything you need for hours of creative fun, making it the perfect gift for any aspiring artist aged 5 and up.