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    Brainbox Myths & Monster

    Manufacturer: Brainbox
    Test your knowledge of myths and beasts with BrainBox! This fast-paced game challenges you to memorize details from a card about a fascinating myth or creature within 10 seconds. Roll the die, answer the revealed question correctly, and claim the card! The player with the most cards after the game wins. So, brush up on your mythology and sharpen your observation skills for some brain-boosting fun!
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    Unveiling Mythical Legends with BrainBox Myths & Beasts! Ever wondered about the founding of Rome or encountered the fearsome Jellyfish of Greek myths? BrainBox Myths & Beasts lets you embark on a thrilling journey through legendary creatures and captivating stories, all in a fast-paced and fun game!

    Here's how it works:

    • 10 Seconds of Wonder: Observe a card depicting a mythical scene for 10 seconds, absorbing as much detail as possible.

    • Roll the Die, Test Your Knowledge: Roll the die to determine the question you'll need to answer based on the card.

    • Time is Ticking: The sand timer keeps the pressure on as you answer the question based on your observations.

    • Claim Your Prize: If your answer is correct, you get to keep the card! If not, it goes back into the box.

    • Become the Mythical Master: The player with the most cards collected after a set time (usually 10 minutes) wins the game!

    BrainBox Myths & Beasts is perfect for:

    • Individual play or group challenges

    • Sharpening memory and observation skills

    • Learning fascinating facts about myths and legends

    • An engaging and educational experience

    So, gather your friends or family and prepare to be transported to a world of captivating myths and legendary creatures!

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