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    Picture of Brainbox Art

    Brainbox Art

    BrainBox is a fast-paced memory game perfect for families and friends! Each round is quick, requiring just 10 seconds to study a card before a question is asked. Answering correctly earns you the card, and the player with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes wins. BrainBox Art features 56 cards packed with world-renowned art and fascinating facts, making it a fun and educational way to expand your knowledge!
    Picture of Brainbox Marvin's Magic

    Brainbox Marvin's Magic

    Master magic and mental marvels with this special BrainBox set! Combining 40 cards packed with facts about famous magicians and illusions, alongside bonus trick instructions and optical illusions, this game offers both fun and learning. Players test their knowledge in a fast-paced card game, studying a card for 10 seconds and answering a dice-rolled question. Collect the most cards in 5 or 10 minutes to win! (Ages 8+)
    Picture of Brainbox My First Science

    Brainbox My First Science

    BrainBox My First Science sparks curiosity and ignites a love of learning in young minds! Designed for ages 5-7, this game explores fascinating science concepts like plants, animals, and materials through engaging activities. Developed by an experienced teacher, it's perfect for all skill levels and offers a fun way to learn!
    Picture of Brainbox Myths & Monster

    Brainbox Myths & Monster

    Test your knowledge of myths and beasts with BrainBox! This fast-paced game challenges you to memorize details from a card about a fascinating myth or creature within 10 seconds. Roll the die, answer the revealed question correctly, and claim the card! The player with the most cards after the game wins. So, brush up on your mythology and sharpen your observation skills for some brain-boosting fun!
    Picture of Brainbox Predators

    Brainbox Predators

    Face your fears with BrainBox: Deadliest Creatures! Packed with chilling facts about predators like the grey wolf and great white shark, this trivia game tests your knowledge. Players study a card, answer a dice-rolled question, and keep the card if correct. The player with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes wins!
    Picture of Brainbox Recycle

    Brainbox Recycle

    Teach your children the importance of recycling with this fun and educational game! Through two engaging activities, this game helps kids understand the value of recycling and how it protects our planet. They'll learn what materials can be recycled and practice sorting them into the correct categories, avoiding "bad items" that cannot be recycled. This interactive play fosters logical thinking, strategy, and communication skills, making it a rewarding and educational experience for children aged 7 and up. (Made from at least 70% recycled material)