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    Banbao Trendy City Fun Park (401 Pieces)

    Manufacturer: Banbao
    Thrill Rides & Laughter Await! Build Your Dream Theme Park! Hold onto your excitement! The theme park is open, and you're there with your friends! Get ready for: • Building thrills: Create your own amusement park with colorful BanBao blocks! • 3 amazing attractions: Roller coaster chills, carousel spins, and more await! • 6 Tobees figures: Share the fun with your friends (real or BanBao!). • Endless adventures: Imagine roller coaster screams, delicious treats, and laughter galore!
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    GTIN: 6974387591656
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    Thrill Rides & Big Smiles: Build Your Own Amusement Park Adventure! Get ready for heart-pounding fun at the most amazing theme park ever...built by YOU!

    Buckle up, grab your friends (6 included!), and prepare for an unforgettable day with BanBao's Amusement Park building block set!

    This set features:

    • 3 exciting attractions: Build a towering roller coaster, a spinning teacup ride, and a thrilling drop tower!

    • 6 Tobees figures: Share the laughter and screams with your buddies!

    • Tons of accessories: Popcorn stands, ticket booths, and other park details bring it all to life.

    • Endless hours of fun: Create imaginative stories, race on rides, and enjoy endless play possibilities.

    More than just a toy:

    • Develops spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and storytelling skills.

    • Encourages social interaction and imaginative play.

    • Compatible with other major building block brands for even more fun.

    Order your BanBao Amusement Park set today and let the good times roll!

    P.S. Explore our other amazing sets to build your dream world!

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