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    Picture of 4M - Sci:Bits - Box Robot

    4M - Sci:Bits - Box Robot

    Go Green & Build A Bot: Reuse & Robo-Fun In One Box! Turn Trash Into Treasure With This Eco-Friendly Robot Kit! Reimagine Your Package Box As The Body For Your Very Own Robot Buddy.
    Picture of 4M - Thinkingkits - Dough Circuit Piano

    4M - Thinkingkits - Dough Circuit Piano

    Unleash Your Inner Musician And Baker! With The Dough Circuit Piano! Mold & Sculpt Unique Designs With Conductive Dough, Then Touch The Keys To Make Music! Fun, Creative, & Educational - Perfect For Little Einstein.
    Picture of 4M Stitch-A-Circuit Robot

    4M Stitch-A-Circuit Robot

    Sew Your Own Electric Adventure: The Stitching Robot! Bring A Robot To Life With Needle And Thread In This Electrifying Activity!
    Picture of 4M Thinking Kits Dream Professions

    4M Thinking Kits Dream Professions

    Spark Young Minds And Explore The Exciting World Of Work With This Engaging Puzzle Set!
    Picture of 4M-Snail Robot

    4M-Snail Robot

    A fascinating way to learn about mechanical science! Build your very own pet snail from scratch and watch it glide over any surface. Watch for the life-like movement. There are two different stride lengths. For ages 8 years +.
    Picture of 4M-Techcraft Pneumatic Arm

    4M-Techcraft Pneumatic Arm

    Assemble pneumatic arm 4M science kit for 5-7 year old kids. The toy excavator mechanism features a two-piece movable bucket that can be controlled with two syringes. Assemble a science toy according to the instructions with diagrams and learn about pneumatics (a branch of physics), pneumatic mechanisms and devices based on them. The body of the model is made from a set box.
    Picture of 4M-Thinking Kits - Easy Stitch- Animal Jumpers

    4M-Thinking Kits - Easy Stitch- Animal Jumpers

    Cuddly Crafts: Stitch Your Own Pet Pals! Little Hands, Big Hearts, Endless Creativity! Unleash The Inner Crafter With Our Adorable Stitching Kit! Create Cozy Jumpers For Your Fluffy Animal Friends.
    Picture of Octopus Claw

    Octopus Claw

    Build your own mechanical octopus gripper, utilising man-made materials to mimic the movements of an octopus.
    Picture of Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    MouseTrap Included in kit: Front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wireframe installed, rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed, adhesive foam, screws (12), set arm cap case (base and cover), set arm holder case (base and cover, short axle, string, small wheels (4), connecting rods, (2), winding arm, large wheels (4), sticker sheet.
    Picture of 4M – Thinking Kits – Math Monkey

    4M – Thinking Kits – Math Monkey

    Spark Curiosity & Creativity With 4M Thinking Kits! Give Young Minds A Boost With 4M Thinking Kits – The Ultimate Playtime Playground For Budding Scientists, Engineers, Artists, And Mathematicians!