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    Picture of Box Robot

    Box Robot

    Box Robot
    Picture of Dough Piano

    Dough Piano

    Dough Piano
    Picture of Fridge Robot

    Fridge Robot

    Fridge Robot
    Picture of Octopus Claw

    Octopus Claw

    Build your own mechanical octopus gripper, utilising man-made materials to mimic the movements of an octopus.
    Picture of Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    Science in Action - Mousetrap Racer

    MouseTrap Included in kit: Front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wireframe installed, rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed, adhesive foam, screws (12), set arm cap case (base and cover), set arm holder case (base and cover, short axle, string, small wheels (4), connecting rods, (2), winding arm, large wheels (4), sticker sheet.
    Picture of Snail Robot
    Picture of STEAM  Stitch A Circuit
    Picture of Techcraft Pneumatic Arm
    Picture of Thinking Kits  -Dream Professions

    Thinking Kits -Dream Professions

    A fun to play way to explore 10 different occupations. Contains 1 plastic frame (22 x 17 cm), 10 sets of occupation puzzles and a learning booklet.
    $13.20 $9.00
    Picture of Thinking Kits - Math Monkey

    Thinking Kits - Math Monkey

    The perfect way to get kids thinking about numbers and maths!