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    Picture of Candylocks Basic Doll, Assorted

    Candylocks Basic Doll, Assorted

    Who’s in there with the cotton candy hair? It’s Candylocks, scented collectible dolls with hair so soft, it looks just like cotton candy! With 15 inches of colorful cotton candy-inspired hair wrapped around each doll, it’s a surprise who is hidden inside every pack!
    240,000 LBP 139,990 LBP
    Picture of Candylocksbffpack Ast

    Candylocksbffpack Ast

    350,000 LBP 199,990 LBP
    Picture of Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Twins, assorted

    Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Twins, assorted

    Hatchimals Surprise are finally here and they have an unEGG-spected treat in store for you! For the first time ever, you can hatch TWO adorable Hatchimals! These loveable twins are hidden inside a magical speckled egg. Use your love and care to help them hatch! Hold and play with your egg and the Hatchimals inside will make delightful sounds that tell you how they feel! When its time to hatch, you'll see rainbow eyes!
    1,510,000 LBP 699,990 LBP
    Picture of Peluche Popples Transformable 20

    Peluche Popples Transformable 20

    230,000 LBP 131,990 LBP
    Picture of Perplexus Refresh

    Perplexus Refresh

    Master the challenge of the crazy, fun world of Perplexus. Inside the Perplexus Original you will face 20 feet worth of challenging twists, turns and obstacles. Flip twist and spin Perplexus to move the ball along the numbered path. When you fall off the track (Yes, it will happen.) head back to the start and try again. There are multiple levels of difficulty to master. Try the Perplexus Rookie, Perplexus Epic and Perplexus Twist. They are easy to play, but hard to master. It is a bendy, trendy, cant put it down challenge.
    510,000 LBP 296,990 LBP
    Picture of Presentoir Puzzle Racers

    Presentoir Puzzle Racers

    220,000 LBP 124,990 LBP