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    Picture of Bayer Magic Bottle Set In Blister

    Bayer Magic Bottle Set In Blister

    A must-have for every doll parent! This essential accessory lets your child care for their beloved doll, teaching them responsibility and nurturing skills.
    Picture of Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti

    Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti

    Meet the adorable Cry Babies dolls! These tiny cuties come in adorable Tutti Frutti straw cup shaped houses. Press their tummies and they'll cry real tears, letting your child nurture and imagine all sorts of fun scenarios. With included accessories like a bottle, spoon, and stickers, these dolls bring endless imaginative play!
    Picture of Magic Gear Art

    Magic Gear Art

    Unleash your inner artist and engineer with Play Go Magic Gear Art! This innovative set blends creativity and mechanics, letting you bring stunning designs to life. Combine vibrant colors with interlocking gears to watch geometric patterns spin and transform, offering a truly captivating artistic experience.
    Picture of Marvins Magic Mind Games

    Marvins Magic Mind Games

    Unleash the mind-bender in everyone! Based on Professor Richard Wiseman's hit series, this collection of interactive tricks will amaze and puzzle all ages. Get ready for brain teasers and illusions that will seriously mess with your mind!
    Picture of Marvin's Magic Mini Tricks (Assorted)

    Marvin's Magic Mini Tricks (Assorted)

    Aspiring young magicians can amaze their friends with Marvin's Magic Simply Magic Pocket Tricks! Each set (sold separately) features four easy-to-learn and perform tricks, like the Incredible Spiked Coin and the Mind Reading X-Ray Vision, making magic accessible and fun for ages 6-10. Select the model you'd like to collect, Characters subject to store availability.