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    Picture of Mermaze Mermaidz Ocean Cruiser Car

    Mermaze Mermaidz Ocean Cruiser Car

    Drive in style with this amazing elegant Mermaze Mermaidz Ocean Cruiser convertible! Stickers with flames on the hood and car doors magically change the color in ice water from white to light blue and pink. The car is designed for fun inside and outside the water. The convertible has a functional trunk, a heart-shaped steering wheel, glittering seat belts and rolling wheels. It contains two packs of glitter, which you can put in the side openings in the car with water and watch them dance. There is space in the car for 2 dolls that are not included in the package.
    Picture of Mermaze Mermaidz SALON PLAYSET

    Mermaze Mermaidz SALON PLAYSET

    Mermaze Mermaidz Salon and Spa Playset is a fun play set for kids that offers a beauty and relaxation experience. It includes a spa with a hot tub, a beauty salon with a makeup station, a manicure and pedicure room, a massage room, and a beauty treatment room. It also includes a variety of accessories, such as an algae bowl, a hairbrush, a sponge, a face mask, and a range of skin care products. The set provides hours of fun and learning for kids, teaching them the importance of skin care and beauty.